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When a colleague told me his Mercedes was from Swap-a-Lease and he didn't have to find a deposit. I was on it like a flash.
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Terms & Conditions


By registering on the Swap-a-Lease web site, you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions laid out here. These terms and conditions and the contract of which they form part shall be governed by English law. All references to "the seller" refer to a registered user applying to place an advertisement for a vehicle lease on the Swap-a-Lease web site. All references to "the buyer" refer to a registered user applying to adopt an advertised lease. All references to "the web site" refer to the internet site which is owned and operated by Clare Sherry-Brennan t/a Fleet Solutions. All references to "us" refers to Swap-a-Lease and its associated companies. This service offers the facility to compose and place an advertisement for a current vehicle lease on the web site.


The Seller is offered the option of placing an advertisement for a minimum period of 28 days. Advertisements may at the sole discretion of Swap-a-Lease remain on the sites for a longer period without charge. Advertisements placed on the Swap-a-Lease web site may also appear on other web sites in order to maximise exposure of the advertisement.


The price of a standard on-line advertisement on is �39.99 inc Vat for 28 days. An additional charge is made on successfully completing the transfer process. This charge will be due following receipt by Swap-a-Lease of letters of intention from both the seller and the buyer and confirmation from the leasing company of credit acceptance of the buyer. At this point the seller will be charged a fee equal to TWO MONTHS RENTAL as per the advert. At this point in the process the Buyer will have had the opportunity to verify the details of the advert, inspect the car, review the terms of the leasing contract, negotiate any other conditions and confirm a handover date. This is deemed to be to be the 'point of no return' and we reserve the right to charge administration costs once this point has been reached. Leasing companies often make additional administration charges in order to facilitate the transfer. These charges must be paid for by the Seller unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Only one vehicle may be featured in each advertisement. The advert copy you supply must be legal, decent, honest and truthful and must comply with the British code of Advertising. Swap-a-Lease may amend the advertisement to ensure compliance with these requirements. Swap-a-Lease is not able to verify the truthfulness of any statements (including the authenticity of photographs) made by a seller in the advertisement copy. Accordingly, the seller shall be responsible for any losses, expenses or other costs incurred by Swap-a-Lease or the buyer caused by an untrue statement or inaccurate photograph supplied by the seller. In order to meet the technical and production requirements of the web site, Swap-a-Lease reserves the right to edit, amend or alter the copy or photograph supplied by the seller. Where possible - Swap-a-Lease will contact the seller to inform them of these changes prior to publication.

In the event that Swap-a-Lease is unable to accept an advertisement for any reason, we will attempt to inform the seller of this if at all possible. In the event that we reject the advertisement, no charge will be incurred by the seller. No contract will be deemed to exist between the seller and Swap-a-Lease until the advertisement has been accepted for publication on the web site.

The copyright in all adverts (including text and photographs) shall be owned by us and you hereby assign all such copyright to us.


Payment for on-line advertisements must be made through our web site.

To process card payments we will refer you to a dedicated ecommerce provider, who will take payment via a secure sever (SSL) connection to ensure the safety of your payment on-line. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, or Switch. No other payment method can be accepted. While every effort is made to ensure the safety of your credit card transaction, Swap-a-Lease cannot accept liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using the secure payment mechanism. Payments for administering a transfer can be made by credit card, bank transfer or paypal.


Advertisements supplied on-line to Swap-a-Lease will be live as soon as payment has been made.


In order to obtain a full refund on the cost of the advertisement - cancellations must be made in writing within 24 hours of placing the advert. Cancellations made after this time will not be eligible for a refund. Advertisements can be cancelled by sending an e-mail - quoting the registration number & user name to


As soon as an advertisement has been accepted for carriage, a confirmation message will be displayed on screen confirming payment has been accepted and the advert will then be live.

In the event that an advertisement has been rejected for carriage, Swap-a-Lease will send an email to the customer explaining whom they need to contact in order to find out why their advertisement has been rejected.

How you can change and delete your advert once live:

Once your advert has been accepted onto the website, you can access your advert via the 'my account ' button - details can be changed at any time and pictures added or deleted.

If you're experiencing any difficulties, please contact customer care on Tel: 0161 610 1970 between am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday or email:


Swap-a-Lease will require to carry out routine maintenance and service of it's servers and equipment. While Swap-a-Lease seeks to keep disruption to a minimum, it does not guarantee that the advertisement will be continuously available on-line for the duration of the advert. Where an advertisement does not appear on the web site despite confirmation being sent to the advertiser, the customer will be entitled to an additional free week's carriage or a refund of the advert price, unless the omission, cancellation or mismatch was caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Swap-a-Lease or breach of contract by the seller. Swap-a-Lease's liability for breach of contract or negligence shall not exceed an amount equal to the price of the advert or series of adverts involved, provided that nothing in this clause shall limit Swap-a-Lease's liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our service or agents. English law shall govern the terms and conditions of this contract of which they form a part.


All details supplied to Swap-a-Lease with your on-line advertisement will be safeguarded both by our privacy policy and also by the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Updated 30th September 2014