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When a colleague told me his Mercedes was from Swap-a-Lease and he didn't have to find a deposit. I was on it like a flash.
Harry Richardson, - Your Comms

How it works - the customer journey

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Whether you want to Buy, Sell, Exchange, Transfer or Swap a vehicle lease the first step is to CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT BY CLICKING HERE. This account will hold communication, interests, adverts, terms and conditions and finance applications you make.

List your Vehicle Lease

If you are selling your lease, tell us about your vehicle make, model and lease contract using the online form found here 'SELL A LEASE'. Your advert will go live as soon as you make the £39.99 payment by Paypal. Make sure you have checked and had written confirmation from your leasing company that they support the lease transfer process sometimes called novation.

Buyers register their Interest

We have over 20,000 registered members and we proactively market your lease to all members who have requested details to allow them to register their interest. We inform you by email each time anyone registers an interest in your vehicle lease and send basic details so that you can discuss the best way forward to ensure the best possible outcome.

Buyers are Qualified

Following credit acceptance of an application by your leasing company you can go ahead and arrange for a condition inspection report by your main franchise dealer which should be free or an independent engineer such as the AA or RAC or Laird Assessors. The cost of this can vary. Normally Sellers pick up this cost and Buyers will often require this before completing the transfer to ennsure the vehicle is in a condition commensurate with its age and mileage and free from damage.

Transfer Agreed

When all the negotiations are complete we liaise with both parties to complete a successful lease transfer. Our success fee is equivalent to 2 months rental and this is normally paid the seller.

Vehicle Handover

When all the paperwork and payments have been completed to the satisfaction of all parties the buyer can arrange handover of the vehicle on the terms agreed with the leasing company. But not before all parties have had confirmation in writing that the handover can take place from the leasing company. The seller and buyer must make their own enquiries with the leasing company and be satisfied before handing over the keys